We Service the agriculture industry.
•   We service their upholstery needs and casework design
•   Tractor, truck, harvest machines seating needs.
•   Shade for harvest machines and shade for work areas
•   Tarps & netting for their shipping needs

Commercial Buildings
   -   Entrance awnings & sail shade designs
   -   Windows awnings, solar screens, vertical drops
Residential Homes
   -   Window awnings, solar screens for windows and doors
   -   Patios aluminum and cloth
   -   Aluminum carports & two car soft-top carports

   -   Fabric replacement for all types of seating indoor and out door
   -   Foam & fiberfill (Dacron) replacement
   -   We do all kinds of residential work re-style, replace springs, re-build & reinforce.
•   All types of area seating waiting rooms and office.
•   We do your booth seats & counter stools on a short turn around.
•   Pick in the morning and have them back by lunch and pick up after lunch and have back by the supper meal. We can only do this if you are close by. But we will do this for you because we want your business!

•   We make custom tarps for large trucks that haul hazard waste.
•   We make tarps for hay haulers.
•   We make tarps for harvest machines trailers
•   We make tarp covers for large machinery to protect them from the elements